"What do you want your children to grow up with ?"

¿Wouldn´t  you like to find something different and unique they will love forever ? 


95% of all toys will finish in your rubbish just because they don't help kids to grow there imagination...

 We believe in endless hours of imaginary playtime while creating memories. Because memories counts!

Be one of those Moms that help their children to create childhood memories with an old fashioned best friend our CREATE YOUR OWN Clothdoll ! A Doll just like your child!

Something different, unique and totally personalized  ... thats Valentina the Swan ® 

 ¿ You want to be one of the 5% of Moms that helps their child to create  childhood memories with there beloved doll that they will treasure for lifetime?

¿ What is an Create your Own Valentina the Swan ®  Doll ?

1. She is unique as you  !

Choose from different combinations to create your One of a Kind* doll. Match your Child Eye and Haircolor.

2. With identity

There is nothing prettier than having a doll called like your child! And we will embroider your child name on your doll!

3. Add some extra love

Because we believe that adding an extra note to your order will make your child smile, write us a note and we will add it to your doll!

+ Care without compare

Get your lifetime Clothdoll Hospital Guarantee !

Accidents happen in the doll world too, the doctors at our Doll Hospital are here to help the little patient. From a through cleaning all the way up to fix “mayor injuries” Our Team will treat every doll with love and care, sending each one back home as good as "new" and ready for many more years of upcoming memories.

Price 119 

 ¡ Now 
30 % Discount ! 
Only 10 units available 


 LIFETIME Guarantee at the Clothdoll Hospital

 What do they say about Valentina..

The love to details is amazing, each stitch is made with love truly the most beautiful doll ever made to PLAY with and be loved your life! 

Monica Carrasco Molina

Receiving a package from Valentina the Swan will allow you to get back to your own childhood! I wished they would have exist when i was a child!

Maria Dolores Belchi

OMG those scent they have when they arrive just amazing i loved all the details  !

Cincia Biviano

Here at Valentina the Swan® we love to create dolls that are all about PLAY!! Not only that, we're also pretty big on encouraging kids to feel "positive" whilst they are using truck loads of imagination. We want our dolls to help give kids, the best childhood ever and create memories that will last forever!

* JUST  10 

units available *

Price 119 

 ¡ Now 30 % Discount ! 


 LIFETIME Guarantee at the Clothdoll Hospital