Accidents happen in the doll world too, the doctors at our Doll Hospital are here to help the little patient. From a thorough cleaning all the way up to fix “mayor injuries” Our Team will treat every doll with love and care, sending each one back home as good as "new" and ready for many more years of upcoming memories. 


Doll Hospital services:
Upon admittance of your Valentina the Swan® doll to the Doll Hospital, a team of verify doll doctors will examine the patient from head to toe and decide on a treatment to fix all the "injuries" 

  • General repair and care stitches replacement

  • Skin cleaning will remove most dirt but it is unlikely to remove ink or dye stain from the cloth

  • Improving the look of your dolls hair


  • Certificate of Good Health

  • Get Well card

  • Doll Hospital ID Bracelet 

  • Hospital Gown

Where your Valentina the Swan® doll goes to get better! *Doll Hospital Admission Process Place your Valentina the Swan® doll and admission form with payment attached, including shipping charges, in a sturdy box. Send package with your doll to the hospital via a traceable method.

Inform the Doll Hospital about the reception of a new patience via email 

*Important information about your repair:

The Wellness Visit will remove most surface dirt from your doll’s cloth, but is not likely to remove ink or dye stains. Wellness Visit hair-brushing will improve the appearance of the doll’s hair, but will not make a well-played doll’s hair look brand-new except if you wish to replace the entire hair for new hair.

• Stitches will be replaced if needed.

• None Valentina the Swan® dolls will not be accepted.

• We reserve the right to refuse repairs at any time for any reason.

• Shipping and processing fees are non- refundable.