Valentina the Swan© - where all is about creating childhood memories with fabrics and threads.

Here at Valentina the Swan© we love to create dolls that are all about PLAY!! Not only that, we're also pretty big on encouraging kids to feel "positive" whilst they are using truck loads of imagination. We want our dolls to help give kids, the best childhood ever and create memories that will last forever!

Designer Claudia Nowak basically never grew up...her love to dolls and sewing when she was a kid never left her. Claudias former career in fashion industry gave her the textile knowledge as well as a keen love of beautiful esthetics. After having children of her own, she felt it was a great excuse to get back into this but now with a few really important values added - nurturing positive self image and self belief, keeping all products ethically made in Spain, and an aim to create cloth dolls that enhance a child's sense of magic and imagination.

All our dolls are created with these principals in mind - add to these the vital ingredients of fun, whimsy and originality and we hope that this is where you'll find that unique gift or special companion for your child...that will be treasured forever.